An inside look at federal narcotics enforcement – 1974

São Paulo: MEGACITY – 1997

Swanson saga: End of a dream – 1979

The short happy life of a child of ‘The Land’ – 1978

Behind America’s marijuana high: The dark and violent world of the Mexican connection – 1977

Busted in Mexico: How drugs have landed hundreds of Americans in a corrupt prison system – 1977

Tales from the big house featuring: Al Capone, Alvin ‘Creepy’ Karpis, Joe Valachi, Robert ‘The Birdman’ Stroud, Mickey Cohen, Frank ‘Legs’ Diamond and other household names who bumped into a small-time con – 1973

Skid row battle: Residents vs. the blood banks – 1973

The battle of Coachella Valley – 1973

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